8 Common Myths About The Instagram Marketing Industry

Are you playing the social media game to beat your competition online? If yes, you should know the top myths Instagram brands are deceived by. We will try to debunk the most common myths surrounding the platform.

From consistent hashtag use, negative impact business account, daily posting, and 7 percent reach. We will also try to talk about how small businesses can survive on the platform. 

At the same time, we will talk about how a high number of followers and reaching a new audience is difficult. These myths will help you have the inspiration and motivation to perform better on the platform and much more.

The myth of Daily Posting Requirement

The experts believe that you should not be worried about posting daily on the platform. In their opinion, it is ok if you post three times a week and all you need is quality. So, if you cannot meet the mythological number of at least one post a day, create quality.

They believe that Instagram believes in quality instead of quantity. Their opinion might have come from the Instagram head, who believes that even one post a day would work well. At the same time, they have a lot of research to back their claims about the platform.

The Myth of the Shadow banning

There was a myth about the shadowbanning of Instagram profiles for using the same hashtags too many times. The rumor also reported that if the users liked too many posts, their profile could be banned.

But this news is nothing more than a myth, and it is said that Techcrunch found out about this. They talked to the Instagram officials, and they were informed that no such ban exists.

Lack of Measurability

Some users believe that there is no great way to measure results on the platform. But this notion is nothing more than a myth. In fact, several external and paid tools can help you find out the exact results you are gaining through your marketing.

The Myth of 7 Percent Reach

It is nothing more than a myth that Instagram has a 7 percent reach and restricts posts to it. Instagram officials have tried to make people realize the truth about how they give to reach. With their Twitter thread and posts on the platforms, they tried to debunk this myth.

Myth About New Audience Reach

This myth is also about the reach brands can get on the platform. It was believed that you could not reach a new audience even with the right hashtags. The experts believe that this notion is completely wrong, and the use of hashtags can help you reach new people.

When you use the right hashtags, it is believed that it gets really easy to make your way to more people.

The Myth About Big Business Survival

Two myths hurt the most social media brands from getting success on the platform. The first is that only a big business can survive on the platform. You may be looking to reach people as a solopreneur; then what?

If your content is valuable and your product delivers solutions, you can reach the right audience. At the same time, some people believe that the platform does not have an audience. These are two of the biggest myths you find about Instagram globally.

The platform has Limited Interaction

It is a common belief and a myth that the platform does not have any great means for interaction. But the truth is that there are several ways that you can use it for interaction. Although it is more video and photo-centric, you can use direct messaging, mentioning, liking posts, and comments.

Comments are one of the primary ways you can use your words to talk to your audience on the platform. So, if you think it is just a photo-sharing platform, think again. At the same time, you can buy Instagram followers Uk to make sure you do not have problems with local-level results.

Myth About Responding to all Comments

Some users believe that they should respond to all their comments within 24 hours. The experts believe that it is a myth, and you do not need to respond to all of their post comments.

They also say that responding to these comments is great and would help you with results. At the same time, you do not have to respond to all comments you get in 24 hours’ time.

Final Thoughts

We talked about some of the top myths about Instagram and how they do not exist. The most common myths about the platform include 7 percent reach. We also talked about the myth of the need to respond to all comments in 24 hours and limited interaction options.

At the same time, we talked about the myth of shadow banning and measurability lack. These myths can stop you from getting the results you can have for your marketing.

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