Have A Full Guide on Accidental Spam Marketing

Sometimes, as marketers, we get so involved in getting leads or conversions that we tend to forget that over-usage of images, keywords, excessive offers/discounts, direct emails, or messages to potential customers can make our content look spammy to the audience. And all your efforts to gain more audience will turn out to be futile. So, even though your intentions are genuine, they give a wrong impression to the people, which affects your conversions and leads to an unpleasant manner. What could be done to convey the right intentions and message to your customers?

To know the answer to this question, we talked to Faisal Abidi, Co-Founder of RNF Technologies, a company that helps businesses in digital marketing and web/app development by providing them with creative solutions and digital products. With 12+ years of service in the industry, we asked RNF Technologies’ Faisal Abidi to share his insights and experience on spammy mistakes that businesses can avoid while creating their websites, social media, or even sending emails.

Let’s start by discussing the mistakes made while building a company or an individual website that makes them look spammy.

Spamming Website Mistakes Highlighted By RNF Technologies’ Faisal Abidi

  • Jumbled Appearance

RNF Technologies’ Faisal Abidi shares that the most common mistake observed in website designing is its messy appearance. Some businesses try to provide everything to their audience by displaying it on their website, and it may appear informative to the company, which seems to clutter the customers. Instead of investing time in reading and finding out about the offered services, the customers will think of opening a new tab where they can find their desired information with more ease. As said, the first impression matters; the same goes for the website presentation. Also, this jumbled website gives your highly informative website a spammy appearance.

  • Terrible Content

Is your website full of grammatical errors? Then you have a huge problem! Once the overall appearance is simple and easy to understand for the users, they will look into the content available on the website. This is where the role of relevant content comes into consideration. If the website is presentable, but it doesn’t have enough content, it disappoints the visitor. And all your backlinks and calls to action will be futile because the users haven’t got what they expected. It would be difficult to get your lost users back once your content has betrayed them as it makes them consider your website as spammy, reveals Faisal Abidi, RNF Technologies.

When it comes to content, it’s not just about the written matter, other factors like text/image ratio, typography, and content covering ads are also considered. Let’s talk a bit about them.

Poor Text/Image Ratio

Websites with too much content or images again appear spammy to the users. It is why Faisal Abidi of Phonato Studios, the product arm of RNF Technologies, emphasizes a balance between the text and image ratio. It is always better to present your content in text and images that clearly understand the context to the user while keeping them interested.

Typography Issues

Are you considering the text size or font of your website’s content? Asks Phonato Studios’ Faisal Abidi. Marketing statistics reveal that about 75% of a website’s credibility comes from its design. If the design doesn’t appear user-friendly or attractive, a user will likely consider it a spammy website.   

Lack Of Contact Information

Another unreliable feature for the users is when the owner or the primary person is not visible on the website. Some people try to run their businesses without portraying themselves in them. Whatever reasons they may have, it will appear as if the owner is hiding something or doing a scam. Instead, founders can give contact details and social media handles to make themselves available and legitimate to their visitors.

Content Covering Ads

Apart from pop-ups that can be closed, another marketing content that covers the whole page of the website which can’t be closed, is a no-no practice if you want viewers to stick to your website or view it completely, suggests Phonato Studios’ Faisal Abidi. With the growth in digital marketing, there are various other ways to present your offers to the audience instead of showing your website with this fixed and spam-like ad, which doesn’t generate any conversions. Instead, it refrains your visitors from going through your website and the provided services.

  • Confusing Navigation

While browsing through your website, users should be able to do it smoothly and efficiently. Only then will they be using it more. Otherwise, if it becomes difficult for the users to even move from one page to another, it will mess up their whole user experience, and they will just look for an escape from your website. This confusion will also give a spammy appearance, another reason why customers will go for alternative websites. RNF Technologies’ Faisal Abidi sheds light on how many businesses forget to provide easy linkage between the homepage and other web pages. 

  • Broken Links

Another mistake that gives your website a spammy appearance is the presence of broken links. A site with broken links usually breaks the trust and reliability of the visitors to the website and its content. Also, these broken links frustrate the audience as they are not able to reach their desired destination.

  • No Mobile Optimization

As per the current trends and more mobile users, websites with no mobile optimization are also less chosen by the people. Although it doesn’t give a spammy look, it’s something a website should have to attract more users.

Key Takeaways

These are a few of the most critical factors that need to be considered while designing a new website or updating the old one. Because a tiny mistake can give a spammy look to your website, as addressed by Phonato Studios’ Faisal Abidi, and affect your business’s online presence and reach. It is why one should be cautious about the small details, as they can boost your visibility and reputation while building your credibility and trust among the people for your business.    

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