How To Set Up Office Table Direction As Per vastu?

The practice of Vastu Shastra encompasses all aspects of building design. It keeps both good and bad energies in equilibrium.

The financial resources are necessary to arrange an office in accordance with the guidelines established by the ancient science of architecture, vastu shastra for office. Also, they are essential to the success of any enterprise. In a small firm, the financial flow and transactions rely on the payments, cash flow and receipts. Meanwhile, large corporations continue to rely on their established revenue streams.

To minimise challenges in business, the workplace should be Vastu compliant. Therefore, according to vastu experts, having the right furniture and fittings in the right places may help keep the money rolling in.

It’s a win-win that helps you advance in your profession and improves your fortunes. Therefore, observing office table direction as per vastu is crucial if you want a harmonious and productive workplace.

How to place your office table direction as per vastu is a question we’d all like answered. So naturally, we must arrange things according to encouraging directives to maximise their effectiveness.

Office Table Direction As Per Vastu

The best placement for a desk at work is to be planned as per the work & profile of the person. This is because every direction has specific attributes and the profile of the person must match the attributes of that direction. Business owners or directors must occupy West direction as this direction has attributes of gains. Marketing team must occupy North direction and accounts team should sit in West of South West.  

If you want to follow the rules laid down by office table direction as per vastu, you shouldn’t sit in the south of south west or west of north west. To increase your chances of staying healthy and getting ahead, you should get up from the table facing North or East.

According To Vastu, Which Direction Is Ideal For A Private Workplace At Home?

Office table direction as per vastu says your home office or workspace should be planned in North, west, or southwest. These guidelines are believed to establish a productive work atmosphere and to give consistency in your job.

The main bedroom is best situated in the west direction of your property. However, if you need to get some work done but would rather not do it in bed, you may put your desk in a nearby hallway or outside your bedroom.

Alternatively, you may station your work desk in the southwest section of the house or in the North direction.

Noteworthy Factors

  • Putting your workstation in the northeast corner of the house works good for creative work & managerial profiles.
  • However, even if you’re not a writer, designer, or accountant, the room in your home that faces northeast may still be a productive work location
  • Business owners should avoid their home offices’ in west of northwest, or south of south west.

Which Office Layout Is Best for Your Career?

Though it may seem unusual to us, it is vital that we select the office that favours our career.

Before you purchase a house or sign a lease on an office building, you should determine which directions are favourable and which are not.

  • Offices that face east are ideal for educational institutions, hospitals, and schools
  • The orientation of ‘Ish’ and Jupiter, the planet, is North-East. Jupiter bestows success, authority, and knowledge. Therefore, financial institutions and lending businesses should welcome this trend
  • If you’re a financial expert or chartered accountant, you should face north, where the gods Kubera and Ganesha reside and must sit in the west direction of the office
  • North can be a smart option for dealers who don’t want their stock to sit around for too long. In addition, because the Moon also influences the northwest, this is an ideal location to establish a dairy
  • Since Saturn rules the west and black symbolises financial success, any enterprise dealing with coal, tires, oil, etc. would do well to locate in a West-facing building
  • Don’t go for a South West facing workplace if you value steadiness in your work and efforts
  • Professionals in the legal must sit in the north west, real estate in west, fashion, and beauty industries would benefit sitting in the South-East.
  • Hotels, eateries, beauty parlours, and other establishments concerned with fire fare particularly well if the fire element of the property is well balanced.

Office Decor Colours

Appropriate colour schemes are essential for fostering productivity and increasing mental acuity. Therefore, the colour of your home office is just as crucial to your success as the office table direction as per vastu or any other Vastu principles.

You invite health and wealth into your house with a pastel yellow home office. As a bonus, the calming effects of gold and green in lighter tones may also help you attract financial success. Don’t wear black or other dark colours.

Office Desk Vastu and Form

If you want to get things done, it helps if the table and desk are in the right form. The table should be a standard square or rectangle. Office table direction as per vastu says, an office table, using metal legs or a glass table top is usually not beneficial to a company’s success.

You should also disregard the table’s traditional or circular form if you want your company to grow and thrive. The oval form of the table also contributes to an atmosphere of chaos and melancholy among the staff. Therefore, we need not use the other forms of the table or the products designed to dispel bad energy.

Location Of The Windows According To Vastu For Office Table

While you’re seated at your desk in the workplace, you should shut any windows that may be open behind you. You may become stuck in terrible politics and the backstabbing posture that leads there.

This structure aids in acquiring control over company development. In addition, having the unwavering support of your workforce is invaluable.

Lighting for Office Table

One of the nicest things you can do for your home office table direction as per vastu is to have plenty of windows that let in plenty of natural light. However, if this is not an option, move the light fixtures away from your writing workstation.

Subtle electrical currents emanating from the lighting systems may cause mental disruption without your seeing it at first.  If you want to get more done in less time and boost productivity, follow the advice in Scientific Vastu for your home office.

Office table direction as per vastu suggests carefully considering the layout of your home office because of its potential role in your success and prosperity.

Please feel free to contact Vaastudevayah if you have any questions about Vastu. It may help you maintain a healthy work-life and physical and mental equilibrium.

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