Kedarkantha: Trek Complete Guide

A Kedarkantha trek is among the most rewarding experiences that you are likely to have if you like the outdoors. The Kedarkantha trek site is a great option as it is densely forested. The five-day Kedarkantha trek package is packed with fun and adventure. It is possible to enjoy a snow-shoe walk in a stunning natural setting. 

Its Kedar Kantha difficult trek, kedarkantha trekking height kedarkantha map of the trek route, kedarkantha trek cost, and more are detailed here to help you plan your trip to Kedarkantha.

About Kedarkantha trek

The trek begins and finishes with Sankri village.

Four nights and five days

Cost: 4000-6000 INR

20-25 kilometers

12,500 feet at altitude

The difficulty ranges from easy to moderate

Daytime (8degC up to 15 degrees Celsius) as well as night (-5degC up to 3 degC) temperatures

November to April is the ideal time to trek the Kedarkantha trek. Kedarkantha trek.

Dehradun train station is the nearest station.

Jolly Grant Airport is located in Dehradun.

Kedarkantha Trek

This trek is among the few treks that can be completed all through the year within the Himalayan mountains of India. This Kedarkantha trek is accessible for 10 months of the year, with the exception of summer and August (the rainiest months in Uttarakhand). The four seasons are present during the ten months of the year –

December until February is the winter time.

March and April are spring months.

May and June are the summer months.

The autumn season runs from mid-September until the close of November.

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Best Time to Visit

Every season has its own uniqueness to provide regarding terrains, challenges and weather. Let me summarize the minor changes that you’ll see throughout the year. This will help you organize your trip more efficiently.


How Do You Get To The Kedarkantha Trek?

The Kedarkantha trek is not very difficult. It is possible to easily reach the base camp via local transport once you are in Dehradun.

By Air:

Dehradun’s Jolly Grant Airport, about 25 km away from Delhi, is the nearest airport. Once you’ve arrived in Dehradun and take a taxi or public transport to the Base Camp.

By Train:

You can get to Dehradun via railway from Delhi. Trains run regularly between Delhi and Dehradun it is possible to travel overnight between Delhi and Dehradun and then drive to Sankri with a private vehicle or bus.

By Road:

From Delhi, it is possible to take the bus.

At regular intervals from Dehradun, there are buses from the government that travels starting from the Kashmere gates to Dehradun it is suggested that you travel on one. To reach Sankri you can take public transport or hire a private car when you arrive in Dehradun.

Details on the Kedarkantha Trek Package

The Kedarkantha map of the trek will take around five days to complete. It could be completed in six and 7 days. Since solo treks are not common in this region it is necessary to plan your route according to the recommendations of your guide but the ideal duration is 5 days. The timetable follows:

Day 1: Dehradun to Sankri

Its basecamp for Kedarkantha trek is in Sankri. Kedarkantha trek is situated in Sankri approximately 181 kilometers away from Dehradun. The Kedarkantha trek starts in Sankri and can be reached via rail or by road from Dehradun. It is also possible to fly into and then catch a local bus, hire cars, or taxis up to the Base Camp.

Day 2: Juda Ka Taal to Sankri

To ensure your safety, your instructor will supply gaiters and spikes. For the next day, your walk will be between Sankri to Juda Ka Taal and will take you to a total distance of 5 kilometers. To get warm take a 10-minute walk. The route will take you through Swargarohini while walking to the hotel and staying overnight there in Juda ka Taal.

Day 3: Kedarkantha Base Camp to Juda Ka Taal

The formation of your Juda ka Taal on the third day. By the evening, you’ll be reached Kedarkantha base camp. Kedarkantha base camp which is where you can unwind and soak in the splendor of nature. It’s also where you’ll stay the night following a meal. This is about 11200 feet above sea level The third day’s total trekking distance is three to four kilometers.

Day 4: Returned to the Kedarkantha base camp

Due to the fact that you have to travel six kilometers, it’s an extended day. Prior to eating your lunch, you’ll have to explore the region. After lunch, you’ll take off for the peak, and return. On your way, you’ll be able to see Black Peak, Gangotri, Bandarpoonch as well as many other attractions before heading back to Hargaon the next day.

Day 5: Hargaon to Sankri to Dehradun,

The day that you end your journey, you’ll return to Sankari and then Dehradun. The distance you’ll travel is about 6 km and will therefore be an extended and relaxing day. It’s possible to visit several local villages and enjoy a break between meals as you return. You can take a break after returning to Sankri before setting off for Dehradun the following day.

Documents required to carry

Mandatory Documents to Bring on the Kedarkantha Trek

Bring along the following documents:

Original and photocopy of an ID card that has a picture (e.g. Aadhar Card Driver’s License Voters ID, etc.)

A visa and passport are required for visitors from abroad.

The certification of a doctor

Declaration Certificates

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