Learn The Art Of Making Music In Few Simple Steps

Listening to music is the best momentary escape from the real world, as music has healed many dejected souls.

Do you also love listening to music and thinking about writing your own songs? Well, you are not the only one. Many great singers and songwriters have started their careers with this same thought. I know this is a wholesome process and not everyone can produce their own music easily. However, if you seek to learn or wish to write your own songs and produce the music, we have just the right formula for making a ‘bop’.

In the beginning, it may look terrifying, but songs and music are the best form of artistic creativity where you can express yourself in the most melodious way. With the expansion of the music industry and digitalisation, you get many Free Beat Making Software, Music Producing Tools, Songwriting Lessons etc. that could work well for beginners.   

Simple Tips For Making Music

For every song that you have heard, be it by your favourite singer or music composer, the whole process is a lot more time-taking than you can imagine. Before penning your song lyrics or creating music for it, it is important to make a plan. You have to decide your genre,  that is your USP. Music can be created in many genres from hip-hop to rap, country music, indie music and ballad. You must choose the best one that suits you, to begin your music career like a pro. 

Here are the steps that you can follow while learning how to make music on your own –

1. Start With Songwriting

To be honest, songwriting is not everyone’s cup of tea, and if you are interested in writing your own song you must start with penning down the lyrics. However, if you are not interested in writing the songs on your own, you can seek help from a professional writer and create the music based on those lyrics.

Songwriting is the beginning of producing music, as you can put your thoughts and feelings into the song and see it grow with time. Once you are done with basic lyric writing, move further to the next step.

2. Understand The Music Theory

Although this step is not crucial for making music, knowing about music theory would help you in the long run. The music theory explains the Notes, Rhythm, Scales and Chords of the song. This way you can create your own unique style and develop music according to the chords and rhythm.

3. Focus On Music Production

The most satisfying part of making music is the music production. This consists of fundamentals like song recording, sound designing, synthesis and beat making. Music can be produced on a guitar, a harmonica or on a piano. You do not have to know each instrument to produce the music. Choose your favourite instruments and create music that goes along with your song lyrics. This way you can shape your song in a better way. Beat mixing or beat making is also a necessity as any song can be a ‘bop’ if the beats are catchy and interesting. Free Beat Making Software can be the best tool for beginners if you expect great results.

4. It’s Time For Music Mixing

Once you have played your favourite instrument and created a beat on the tool, it is essential to mix all the music together and create a magical sound for your song. Music mixing is its own form of art, and you must have some idea and knowledge of mixing music before you sit on the seat. Many times it is advised to reserve the part of music mixing for professionals, as they can easily line up all the beats and music you have created separately. Whenever you listen to a song, there are many instruments and sounds playing in the background and they all are synced so well that you cannot even differentiate. This art of mixing beats is important if you want to make music.

5. Finalise Everything With Mastering

The last and foremost work of music-making is Mastering. Once your music is mixed and ready, your song recording is complete you need it to follow a technical process of mastering. Here everything is synced accordingly and you get a final result of your song that is filled with beats and your lyrics. This process can also be complicated and many freelance professionals can do this work for you.

Bottom line!

Once your mastering of the song is complete your music is ready to be uploaded online or you can distribute it through a record label. If your whole process is just for fun, you can upload it through social media and enjoy the final product later. After following all these steps you are finally a budding professional singer and music producer, now you can listen to your song as well, and feel relaxed and proud at the same time.    

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