Running vs. Skipping: Which One Should A Boxer Pick

 As a boxer, you should focus on your overall fitness. Fitness experts always advise them to do body conditioning exercises to maintain overall fitness.  In fact, a body conditioning workout improves your physical fitness, strengthens core muscle, grip strength, and also helps you to get a toned body. Considering this, being a sports person you need to include it in your daily lifestyle. It not only takes care of your physical fitness, but also improves your cardiovascular health, and promotes weight loss.

In this article, we are going to walk you through two very common body conditioning exercises important for boxers, i.e., skipping and running.

To facilitate you further with this regard, we are going to walk you through two of the ideal body conditioning exercises for boxers, i.e., skipping & running.

Skipping or running, which is better for boxers?

Skipping and running both of these are body conditioning exercises. However, people often ask which one goes better with boxing. Before answering the question, first, we would like to briefly discuss skipping and running and their specific benefits.

A clear discussion will help to understand which is good for you as a beginner or pro in the boxing field. 


Skipping is an internationally recognized body conditioning exercise for boxers. Skipping engages your wrists by shifting both handles of the skipping rope when hopping with both feet over the rope as it comes to the floor again and again.

When you cross the basic level of skipping, your coach will add speed and other variations to skipping to make the exercise more challenging. Adding variations is the key factor to increase boxers’ range of motions in their footwork and their punches while maintaining a perfect balance.  If a boxer does not have enough coordination between punches and correct placement of footwork, empty punches lack the force and power.

Here we list down the benefits of doing skipping

Fitness experts always recommend skipping because skipping increases speed, endurance, flexibility, and spontaneity of the feet.

Benefits of skipping:

  • Improve balance: skipping helps you to develop balance.  When you skip the rope, you repeatedly practice twist-turning hopping over the rope. As you gain confidence enough, you can perform this workout better while quickly rotating the rope.
  • Increase coordination level: It enhances coordination that every boxer needs for moving around the ring, defending yourself, and preparing yourself for a counterattack.
  • Improves footwork:  Skipping improves footwork for the ring movement, having a solid base under the torso is very important to throw a strong punch.
  • Best warm-up exercise: Among the best warm-ups for any boxing exercise is jumping rope. This kind of warm-up adequately expands your core temperature without causing you overabundance fatigue.
  • Best weight-loss exercise: Skipping or jumping rope effectively burns a good amount of calorie, and gives you a toned figure in short time
  • Portable and affordable option: To your pleasure, purchasing a rope to begin skipping is incredibly reasonable. The cherry on the top, you can convey the rope anyplace since its extremely light gauging


According to American studies of exercise, running is the most popular cardio. Similar to skipping, jumping also builds both physical and mental strength. The biggest advantage of running is that it doesn’t need any equipment to start, basically, you can start from anywhere any day.

Though running boosts your physical strength, it won’t offer boxers the equal technical footwork condition that skipping offers to enhance agility on the feet.

However, long-distance running effectively improves the core strength. To get maximum benefit you have to run very fast to win the boxing rounds. Sprinting makes the anaerobic energy pathway very strong which is used while boxing.

Benefits of Running:

  • Promote weight loss: Running is an amazing way to lose significant pounds in a short period of time. If a person has 72 kg weight, run 8 mph, burn 606 calories in one hour (reported by mayo clinic).
  • Makes you more active: Aside from that, an essential thing to have in boxing is indeed the discipline that comes with running. You get up early in the morning and run a certain distance every day. This is what makes you as fit as a fiddle, and that’s what every sportsman should be.
  • Strengthen cardiac muscles: Running increases your heart rate and improves blood circulation.  If you run regularly, your cardiac health gradually improves, additionally, it will expand the aerobic capacity
  • Diversity: You can make the running exercise more challenging by adding a lot of variation. An advanced level of running exercise is even more effective, for example, you can run with heavyweight tools which will help you to build muscles.

Both skipping and running have their unique benefits, but if you are a boxer, then choose to skip over running because it improves the agility of footwork and overall balance, and gradually prepares you to face the attack from the opponent.

As a boxer, you should have a firm grip for a strong punch, for that you must do exercise to improve grip strength. You can do grip strengthening exercises with a hand gripper for fast results.

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