Set up a Virtual Conference to Remember

Adapting to the concept of virtual events was the need of the hour. However, things started to change since then. Once the compulsion became our comfort, and now even if we have the option of going back to the traditional method of hosting events, we don’t want to. Why? The convenience that virtual events come with.

One popular format of virtual events is virtual conferences. Over time, several organizations have started to host virtual conferences, and the demand for virtual conference platforms has incessantly increased.

If you are looking for something to guide you through virtual conferences and how to host one, you have landed on the right page. Now, fasten your seatbelts, and let’s get started.

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What are Virtual Conferences?

To make you understand this subject, let us put it in simple terms; virtual conferences are simply conferences hosted over a virtual space. It enables remote attendees to join in, attend the conference, interact with fellow attendees, and fellow participants through their laptops, from the comfort of their homes. Virtual conferences refrain attendees from traveling, booking hotels, and spending money. It comes as a great aid for them since they get to save money and time, especially in the times of the COVID-19.

Virtual conferences are simple events that cause absolutely no distractions in one’s life. All thanks to the latest technology, events are just a click away.

While some might believe that the virtual version of a conference is less engaging and immersive than its physical counterpart, it is not exactly the truth. Web conferences are as engaging and interactive as physical conferences, if not more.

Here is a detailed article to understand the requirements to host a memorable virtual conference. Let us get going.

Get Your Hands on the Best Virtual Platform

If you want to execute your plans in the best way possible, then you should not take this tip lightly. Always, always invest in an appropriate virtual conference platform. Taking the event solution for granted can literally cost you your entire conference. Hence, make every effort to ensure that the event solution you have chosen for your conference is the best option available in your reach. To ensure the one that you have selected is the best, look out for the following features in it:

  • Customization
  • Multi-device Accessibility
  • Networking Features
  • Gamification Tools
  • User-Friendly Interface

Deliver Compelling Content: Another factor that you should consider to make your conference an affair to remember is delivering compelling content. It will help you add value to your audience’s experience and keep them engaged in the conference. You can add quotes, pictures, facts, slide shows, and other such elements to add to the content’s worth. Along with it, make sure the content is beneficial for the audience. The audience must not feel that the conference was nothing but a waste of time. Hence, deliver informative content and nothing else.

Make the Conference Fun: There are two popular myths related to virtual conferences that need to be debunked today. One, web conferences are boring; two, they are easy to host. While most people like to believe that virtual events are not engaging, it is not the truth. They are as compelling as their physical counterparts, if not more. Moreover, some might perceive hosting conferences as an easy task and underestimate the procedure. However, it is not a cakewalk; unless you have joined hands with the best virtual event platform.

Several platforms provide tools that can make your event lively and captivating. Conduct ice-breaking activities, after-party, play games, have gamification features, make use of other such techniques and tools that can make your event entertaining and engaging.

Leverage Social Media: The fact that we are the generation ruled by social media can make a remarkable impact on your online conference. You can use social media platforms in more than one way and leave an impression on your audience. The fan following and audience usage rate of these platforms suggest that they are here to stay for a pretty long time, if not forever. Hence, why stay back when you make it a part of your strategies to see the magic that it creates in the success rate of your event.

To ensure maximum people know about your upcoming event, create a page on social media platforms. There you can update them with the latest updates of your conference. Also, another social media strategy for promoting your event is to create your hashtags and filters. You can also host social media challenges and giveaways to ensure maximum audience participation.

Invite Keynote Speakers: Having keynote speakers and sessions at your conference will make more people interested in the event. Nobody would want to miss out on a chance to listen to renowned speakers, especially when they get to do that from the comfort of their own home. Have experts on board so that they share the information with the audience, and add value to the overall experience of the attendees and the event itself. It is also a great way to retain the audience to the event and maintain the engagement rates of the event.

Keep the Sessions Short: To ensure a constant engagement rate throughout the entire event, make sure you keep the sessions short yet informative. Online sessions leave people exhausted; what is known as ‘Zoom Fatigue’ is real. It is one of the most prominent reasons people cannot continue with online meetings for longer durations. To prevent this, keep your sessions short. Introduce small breaks between the sessions so that the attendees can recharge themselves and move around.

Encourage Networking: One of the two significant reasons for people attending events is networking. Events are the platforms that help them connect with others and expand their network. Incorporating networking opportunities in your conferences will help you get more audience participation and hence, a successful virtual conference.

The tips and tricks we discussed above are the proven methods of making your event stand apart from the crowd and hosting the best web events. You can incorporate them into your strategies to make the conference an unforgettable experience.

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