Tips and Tricks to Remove Stubborn Stains and Bad Odors

Feel like your house is producing bad odors and there are stains everywhere your eye goes? No one wants to be greeted by unpleasant smell or unsightly stains. Keeping a neat, clean and pleasant smelling is not that big of a challenge, provided you know how to tackle the causes behind foul odor and know how to easily eradicate just about any stain in your sight. You don’t need a magic spell or a potion, because with a few tips, tricks and the right stain removers up your sleeve, you’ll be able to say goodbye to ugly stains and unpleasant odors in no time. Let’s learn how to handle it, one evil at a time!

Dealing with foul odors:

There can be multiple reasons behind these odors. There is a possibility that your home has suffered high humidity or water damage. Sometimes it can be because of musty doors as well or trashy bins placed in your house. Getting rid of such odors and smells is necessary as these can be signs of an unhealthy house, thus making you prone to many diseases. Odors are an inevitable part of everyone’s household. We cannot stop them but we can definitely get rid of them!

Let us widely look at the whole smelly perspective and see what we can do to stop it:

  • Trash can odor: Sometimes the smell is not coming from the trash but the bin itself. The build-up of bacteria inside the trash is the main reason for the smell. One must regularly wash the bins inside out to prevent the smell from spreading. One solution to it can be the usage of baking soda as it absorbs smell. So, if you sprinkle some of it on the bin, and let it sit for some time, the smell will go away gradually. While this can be a temporary solution, for long lasting solutions, you can opt for high-strength odor removers available in the market. These helps kill bacteria in no time, and keep your trash clean.
  • Dishwasher odor: How bad can it be when the one thing that washes your dishes itself is stinking! There can be multiple reasons behind your stinking dishwasher – dirty drain filter, clogged drain or plastic particles being too close to the heating element. One must definitely pay attention to what it smells like, to actually find out or diagnose the cause. There are a lot of dishwasher tablets available in the market. Those help keep the dishwasher clean, if used once every month dedicatedly. You can also go for various dishwasher fragrances from time to time.
  • Carpet odor: When the fibers are formed around carpets, they start to smell. It happens due to moisture accumulation above and below the carpet. If you have pets in the house, and they pee on the carpet, the smell is unlikely to go away, unless you use proper deodorizers. The ageing of the carpet is another reason for the smell, and you must immediately buy a new one and get rid of the old one. Also, fixing the humidity can help remove the odor coming from your carpets. Deodorizing carpets using dedicated odor removers and using stain removers can also help in this case.
  • Cigarette odor: Cigarette smoke and ash can settle in and leave a foul, lingering odor. First and foremost step – don’t smoke in the house! Simple and easy. Second step: use an ashtray, maybe? How difficult is that? After you are done smoking, the ash can be easily thrown in a bin from the ashtray and given for garbage collection the same day or by the next day max. Other solutions can be cleaning the surfaces from the house from all corners by using good quality vacuum cleaners and opening the windows for ventilation from time to time, that can eradicate these odors.
  • Bathroom odors: Some of the main reasons behind your bathroom smelling foul can be clogged drains, blocked vents and dried out water traps. Only good quality bathroom cleaners and odor removers can help keep the bathroom sanitised and odor free.

How to have a stain-free home?

Stains are that unwanted guest you never wanted. They come in, settle into your house, and refuse to go away! No matter how much you rub, scrub and wipe, some stains simply refuse to come off – but there’s no such thing as a stain that can’t come off! With the right tricks, you can create a 100% stain-free home.

Before you attack an item with a stain-removing solution, there are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Always read the instructions from the manual of that particular furniture item which has a stain settled into it. You don’t want to cause unwarranted damage by cleaning it inappropriately.
  • Always take a look at the tags for example, some items can be washed with simple water, some with special solvents only and some can only be cleaned with vacuum. Splashing water on suede fabric, for example, can completely ruin it!

Now, let’s take a look at some common stains and our tips on tackling it.

  • Tape stains on wall: If you have hosted a party at home and hung up balloons and other décor with the help of tapes on walls, then it is less likely to come off without leaving a stain. But there’s an easy trick. All you have to do is use warm teaspoon, rub on the tape, and then remove it from wall. It will be removed without leaving any mark and you can call it magic! You can also use a clothes steamer to melt the adhesive off.
  • Blood stains: Injuries can be a very common topic at households, especially if you have naughty kids playing around all the time. If you find some unsightly blood stains around the house, there’s a simple trick to get rid of it. For blood stains on bed sheets or clothes, lemon works best. Simply rub it on, leave it for some time and wash it off!
  • Beer and coffee stains: Two drinks are adults’ all-time favorites- coffee and beer. Drinking coffee might help you stay up while you are working in your boring job and beer can lighten up your mood on a pleasant evening. But these are the two drinks that, if spilled, cause havoc and ruin your furniture. For removing these stains, ice cubes work best. Also mixing small amount of liquid detergent in warm water also helps. If nothing works, use good quality stain removers that can do the job.
  • Pet stains: Fur babies bring joy but along with that they also come with a whole load of mess. You can easily be distracted by those puppy eyes, but you know you’ve got to keep your house clean and fresh. For removing pet urine stains, you must use pet odor cleaners. For a natural hack, you can even mix vinegar and cool water and spray on the affected area.
  • Mud and dirt: For mud and dirt stains, vacuums are best recommended. With kids and guests around the house, it is not possible to prevent dirt in the house. Another natural trick is making a solution by mixing some dishwashing liquid and water and spraying on the mud and scrubbing it off.

Now that you have all the idea about stains and odors, we hope your cleaning process and odor removing process in your home becomes smoother and happier. Cleanliness is definitely next to Godliness – and we couldn’t agree more! Happy cleaning!

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