Tips to Prepare for Dealing with iBeacon App Development Challenges

In the digital age, it’s now much easier to find restaurants, offices, museums, or shopping malls with the help of GPS or other location-based services. However, how can you navigate or locate the place if your GPS suddenly stops working? This is the point where iBeacon technology enters the picture.

Apple’s iBeacon technology allows users to broadcast and receive information in a limited area using Bluetooth. iBeacon app development allows users to interact with various e-gadgets across the globe, such as household automation devices, automobile electronics, electric switches, and so on.

But, when creating an iBeacon application, developers encounter many challenges that need to be resolved on time. In this article, we will provide a clearer picture of the major issues that developers face and tips to resolve such issues.

Problems in iBeacon App development and Tips to Handle Them

Talking about iBeacon development, app developers face a variety of issues. The most important issues are listed below with suggested tips:

Finalizing the Best Features

iBeacon applications figure out how far a user is from a beacon that broadcasts its signals. If you know the exact whereabouts of the beacon it is easy to determine the exact location of its usage within a limited range. To do this, mapping is needed between the beacon’s user and after mapping is completed and the app backend will start gathering vital information about the user, such as their precise location, the duration of use, and context. This information will allow you to know the preferences of the user. This will allow you to make time-based coupons to the beacon’s location and users’ preferences.

These are just a few things you should remember together with the other factors when deciding on the features that you will get from custom iBeacon app development.

Triangulation and Tracking

Because custom iBeacon app development offers a radio service that operates in uni-directional directions and therefore, there is no possibility of creating a unidirectional connection between the beacon and the app. This means that beacons that broadcast can’t identify the device of the user. The more sophisticated iBeacon provides two-way communication through which you can connect to mobile devices and transmit information back to the server. Furthermore, since this feature isn’t part of the iBeacon specification, it could take the battery power of your device significantly. It is best to let the app function by itself. It will assist you in connecting to the backend and updating information with registered users and then adapting the app to their needs.

Challenging Permission Matrix

Another challenge with custom iBeacon app development is the permission matrix. Users must give location permissions in order to use this feature.

Additionally, the app needs to know that a handful of devices are equipped with beacons. The Bluetooth feature needs to be enabled. This indicates that there are various states of the app that need to be checked before beacons are able to be used effectively.

In some instances, it is recommended to wait until the very last second to request permission, instead of blasting users before they’ve even used the application. Equally, it is important to inform users to help them understand the importance of privacy and how information is protected. You can hire top iBeacon app development companies and discuss this challenge to overcome it with proper guidance.

Hardware and Signals Issues

A variety of apps have been created as well-behaved and closed systems. When it comes to iBeacon app development you need to be ready to handle external signals and radios. Fortunately, there is an iOS SDK that deals with some of the complexities required to detect signals and correction of errors, decoding, and more.

Additionally, it is also worth noting that the Bluetooth LE or Low-Energy spectrum is in the same spectrum as the Wi-Fi interface which could make it difficult to receive the signal.

In terms of the quality of signals, iBeacon hardware manufacturers can vary dramatically. Beacon signals are usually affected by the device’s temperatures, power and polling intervals, and other factors that can vary in accordance with broadcasts.

The accuracy of the signal differs and this means that the application must be designed to be able to make choices based on the type of the amount of information received.

The Server Piece

Because an iBeacon app development is able to use a wide array of variables, it’s essential to have various business logic scripts to extract information in accordance with. When an app is near an iBeacon, the application will gain an access point to the script for business and get an inventory of all users who are connected to the beacon. The scripts are filtered and attempt to determine the meaning behind the information. However, in many scenarios like when a device moves beyond the Beacon range, it can be very difficult for the application to obtain precise data since the updates might not be real-time recorded.

A best iBeacon app development company can use heuristics that are time-based to address this problem and determine whether the users are active or not. Additionally, various business logic scripts can monitor the latest trends, perform statistical analysis to draw conclusions.

Navigate the App Store

The app store navigation is the most difficult task you’ll have to tackle and here’s the crux:

  • It is essential to be clear about what the application is expected to accomplish or do in the public descriptions and review notes.
  • Hire only the best iBeacon app development company for the engaging features.
  • Demonstrate a video of the app and explain app features.
  • Create a demo account and include UUIDs of beacons in the review notes.
  • Include a battery disclaimer at the close of your description.

Some Last Words

For developers, developing an iBeacon application is unique and distinct from other applications. However, with the tips that have been provided above, you can conquer these issues. You should be ready to handle permissions, expectations from users, unpredictable technology, and signal issues to offer top service to your app’s users. There are many top iBeacon app development companies that offer iBeacon app development. You can simply choose a top-notch mobile app development firm to meet your requirements and budget.

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