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“Education is the most powerful weapon we can use to change the world.”- Nelson Mandela. It has the power to transform lives. Education support courses, the Certificate IV in School Based Education Support in particular, prepares you to indulge into a role as a teacher’s aide or education assistant enabling you to work alongside teachers to nurture and develop student learning, creating a fun, engaging and effective learning hub that’s inclusive of all students.

Teacher aides are pivotal to the Australian system of education where they play a noteworthy role in education as they closely interact with children and nurture them to develop into young adults. They adopt roles and responsibilities that are much more demanding and complex than first thought. A teacher’s aide assists classroom teachers with non-teaching duties- prepping and creating resources and teaching materials and performing basic administrative classroom tasks.

A teacher aide’s job role is among the most renowned and in-demand professions for Australians who wish to commence a career in education. Are you geared to support the future generation by providing aid in the classroom? Do you like interacting with children and is teaching your calling? Are you aspiring to spread your wings in a new domain that can help you generate a study income? Or do you want a job that will make a difference in many lives in a creative and engaging learning environment? If so, it’s time to get going now. All you’ll need is a Certificate in Education Support, a pathway for you to initiate a career in the education support industry in Australia. And yes, this nationally recognised education support qualification is offered by a leading training provider in Australia, Advanced Education and Training, (AET).

THE COURSE: CHC40221 Certificate IV in School Based Education Support

The Certificate IV in School Based Education Support is a vocational course curated and regularly reviewed by our professional experts to equip you with the required skill set and knowledge to work alongside teachers and support students in a classroom environment. This course provides complete professional development for aspirants seeking a blooming career in the education industry in Australia. Here, you’ll get the opportunity to learn from our industry veterans who will help you master the necessary teaching strategies, behaviour management techniques, support mechanisms for students with special needs or disabilities and ways to assist the teacher with classroom management. Modern classroom facilities, high-quality training by our eminent faculty and flexible learning will enable you to develop theoretical and practical knowledge, skills and aptitude in providing support to children and help them achieve developmental outcomes.

Our Certificate IV in Education Support can broaden your career prospects among today’s employers. It gives you extra set of skills and your resume looks better with a higher qualification. Are you ready to learn the skills to ace the education industry of Australia?


Successful completion of the Certificate IV in School Based Education Support from AET legitimises you to indulge into a score of roles as a Teacher’s Aide in schools, Education Assistant, Home Tutor, Education Support Staff or Indigenous Language and Cultural Teaching Assistant entitled to work all across Australia. The education industry in Australia is ever-evolving where you can find employment in public and private schools and community education settings.


Work placement is essential for students to gain real life work experience as this allows you to apply your theoretical knowledge into practice in a safe environment. Inclusive of your training in Certificate IV in School Based Education Support you are required to perform the tasks of a teacher’s aide during your work placement. You’ll get a chance to work in government or private schools, kindergarten and special or community educational settings. These field placements will enable you to gain an understanding of children’s physical, social, emotional and intellectual needs.

The Certificate IV in School Based Education Support is the greatest investment in knowledge giving you a competitive edge for gaining employment in today’s job market. It helps in gaining the skills and confidence to provide support to students in classrooms with empathy and a career that can make a real difference in their lives as we help them reach their full potential. In an engaging learning environment beginning a career as a teacher it might be a great way to go. A blissful teaching career awaits you at AET. Earn a fortune by enrolling into our Certificate IV in School Based Education Support.

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