Tips To Buy Best Travel Insurance Policy If You Are Visiting South India

There are several magnificent tourist places in South India that are vibrant in color, rich in culture, and have lush landscapes. This part of the country has many heritage sites as well. Other things that attract people to South India are the breathtaking scenery, beautiful beaches, and fantastic architecture. But during a trip, you may face significant problems like illness, injuries, and loss of personal belongings or minor issues like flight cancellation and trip curtailment. Hence, before kick-starting your journey, you should be prepared to face all these risks associated with a trip.

 you can address all these risks by purchasing a travel insurance plan. A good travel insurance plan assists you in emergencies and protects you from financial catastrophes during a trip. tourist places in south india, But while buying a travel insurance plan, you should take care of various aspects such as coverage, sum insured, etc. Here are the top tips for purchasing a travel insurance plan.

  • Provide correct personal information. While purchasing a travel insurance plan, provide accurate personal information such as date of birth, details of pre-existing medical conditions, etc. Otherwise, you may face difficulties at the time of emergencies. Suppose you have a pre-existing disease, and your travel insurance plan also covers the same. But if you fail to declare it to the insurer when purchasing the plan, the pre-existing cover will be useless. Also, chances are high that your policy becomes void if you’re not declaring your pre-existing medical conditions.
  • Buy a plan that offers enough coverage for medical conditions as well as emergency evacuation. You may fall sick or get injured during a vacation at a tourist place in South India. And you may be required to pay a hefty sum towards medical bills. But if you have a travel insurance plan, your insurer will take care of these bills. Also, if the insurer has a network hospital at your location, you’ll be eligible for cashless treatment.

In certain situations, you may encounter a severe medical condition during the trip that requires emergency medical evacuation. These days most travel insurance plans cover medical evacuation benefits. But you should check the upper cap of this benefit and make sure that it’s adequate for your upcoming trip. Or else, you will be required to pay the difference from your pocket in emergencies.

  • Read the inclusion as well as exclusion list of the plan. To take maximum advantage of the benefits of a travel insurance plan, you should understand the inclusion list of the policy. Similarly, to avoid confusion when claiming, you should comprehend what is not included in the plan.
  • Check under which circumstances you can claim reimbursement for trip cancellation. Trip cancellation coverage is another benefit insurers offer nowadays with travel insurance. But not all reasons are eligible for a refund. Though this list of reasons may vary from one insurer to another, the most acceptable ones are:
    • Natural calamities such as floods, cyclones, etc.
    • Nation-wide or regional-wide strikes
    • Terror attack at your destination
    • Serious injuries or illness to self or a close family member
    • Death of a close family member
  • Read the rules for travel delay benefits carefully. Another striking advantage of travel insurance is coverage for the trip delay. Suppose you’re forced to cancel your trip to a tourist destination in South India due to adverse weather conditions, or you’re reaching your destination late due to the technical issues of the aircraft. In such cases, your insurer will assist you with lodging, medicines, transportation or even re-booking your flights. But you should check the required delay time to take advantage of this benefit, such as 8 hours or 10 hours of delay.

Further, many insurers have a daily refund limit in their travel insurance plans. Hence, check for it.

Suppose you’ve already paid for a few activities and you miss these activities due to the delay in reaching the destination. In that case, your insurer will refund you the pre-paid amount.

  • Choose the right travel insurance plan based on the destination and the trip purpose. Before buying a travel insurance plan, know the issues that can probably occur in your upcoming trip. It helps you to select the right travel insurance plan with adequate coverage.

Suppose you’re planning to do adventure sports during the trip. Then you must select a travel insurance plan that covers adventure sports, such as Bajaj Finserv’s Adventure Cover.

  • Don’t forget to check the claim process. Carefully read the claim process of the insurer. Avoid those insurers who have a lengthy or complicated claim process. Travel insurance plans offered by Bajaj Finserv have a straightforward claim process. Just call on the mentioned toll-free number or send an email at the designated id to initiate a claim.