What to Know Before Choosing a Logistics Provider

Businesses are rethinking and rebuilding their logistics strategies in response to the evolving e-commerce sector and consumers’ delivery expectations. While most companies utilize a last-mile carrier to handle their delivery operations, others use automation to enhance their internal logistics management. A last-mile provider possesses the necessary skills, knowledge, infrastructure, and resources to provide specialized last-mile delivery services. It may assist you in achieving customer satisfaction and client retention by providing prompt, efficient, and affordable delivery.

The “last mile” in logistics refers to the distance traveled by freight from the port of entry to its final location, typically a storage facility, distribution hub, or importer facility.

Your supply chain must be efficient down to the last mile, and a seasoned logistics partner understands how to do it well.

Why does Custom Crating and Logistics focus on Last Mile?

  • By planning pickups and adhering to delivery deadlines, we increase transportation efficiency.
  • We assist in avoiding unnecessary port and train expenses.
  • So that you may fulfill your deadlines, we keep your freight moving.

Dedicated account representatives from Custom Crating and Logistics are in continual contact with drivers, customs brokers, and you. Our accounts representatives are acquainted with the personnel, practices, and peculiarities of the air, ocean, and rail yards. A surprise that can postpone the release and delivery of your vital cargo can be avoided due to our years of expertise.

Custom Crating & Logistics has collaborated with several air freight clients, each with specific requirements and high expectations, and has met those demands as a top worldwide supply chain and logistics supplier.

We have prevailed amid continuing supply chain crises by providing an unrivaled experience of air and ocean freight and committed to above-and-beyond client assistance. Our success has been based on upholding our reputation as knowledgeable logistics experts that provide a wide variety of services and are consultative. Our clients’ supply chains are strengthened with our assistance.

Important considerations while choosing a freight forwarder:


Flexibility is essential because of the continuing interruptions to the world’s supply chains. Custom Crating and Logistics offers various shipping options, such as postponed and accelerated air freight and regular and premium ocean shipping. When necessary, we can effortlessly switch to alternative modes, routes, and services thanks to our expertise and established network.


It’s crucial to pick an expert partner that will stand with you. Custom Crating and Logistics offers a standardized, effective, and transparent procedure and keeps in continual contact with all stakeholders by email, text, phone, and real-time updates through our customer portal.


Accurate and timely data optimize your resources, lowers soft costs, and lessens friction within the business. With the help of our visibility platform, it’s simple to collect information, keep track of delivery efficiency, and enhance predictions.


Custom Crating and Logistics is proactive and has years of expertise. We continuously monitor, expedite, and adjust, maximizing the flow from pickup to final delivery throughout shipment.


Demand nothing less from your logistics partner than quick, accurate, and clear communication. Online resources and Custom Crating and Logistics employees are accessible around-the-clock. You may feel secure knowing that we will fulfill our aim of offering transparent and smooth logistics.

How does Custom Crating and Logistics deliver?


We set up scheduled deliveries that are not unexpected. Our crew keeps track of your delivery progress and keeps you informed.


We keep a network of trustworthy domestic carriers. We pick the finest trucker for your goods, but we always have backup plans if things change.


Even the most challenging package will be delivered on time thanks to our established connections with domestic truckers of different sizes and specializations. Custom Crating and Logistics was created to improve your supply chain, and we do it!


Over the last several years, we have developed a solid reputation for being able to optimize freight operations for our clients. We encourage you to learn how it may improve your supply chain.

How does the Last mile provider work?

A provider of last-mile logistics services collaborates with various retailers or e-commerce businesses. Most last-mile carriers employ tech-enabled platforms or last-mile delivery software to handle their customers, drivers, and deliveries because managing large orders by hand is not practical. A last-mile delivery software automates tasks including order administration, rider management, fleet management, route optimization, and end-customer management while offering total transparency over the delivery process.

The procedure of picking up packages is automatically started by the final mile delivery software when an order is received by a last-mile courier business. Additionally, the program allocates the appropriate driver and vehicle for the delivery. The driver takes the order and drives off to the location. The end-user, e-commerce seller, and last-mile carrier may all follow the product’s progress in real-time through updates and alarms.

Depending on your company’s needs and geographic reach, you can select one or more last-mile carrier providers to work for you. 

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