Useful Tips & Tricks For Planning a Hybrid Event in 2022

Hybrid events will be the future of event hosting as it offers a thoroughly different experience from a physical event. They provide both physical and virtual experiences for the audience and cover a large audience base. Conducting a successful hybrid event in India is not everyone’s piece of cake. It is important to make sure both the physical and virtual audiences have similar experiences and meet the needs of global audiences joining the meet from different time zones. It should foster engagement and connect the audience around the event theme. 

Setting your goals right for a grand hybrid event:

Proper planning is the holy grail of a successful hybrid event, and planning helps to focus on critical elements of the event and eliminate last-minute improvisations. Intricate planning helps you have a clear vision of the event, and you also help the participants know what to expect from the event. 

There are many platforms for hosting hybrid events in India to enhance its success rate, choose them wisely. Devise unique and meaningful event ideas from your end. Sketch an event that exactly matches the needs of your audience to create immersive and meaningful experiences. Focus on the technical details of the event, and choose the best speakers to mesmerize the audience. 

Rehearse the event many times to get confidence in its success. Make sure the technical aids are working and are positioned appropriately. This helps create a glitch-free experience for the attendees and improves your confidence level in the event.

For your hybrid event to be flawless and have the right sequence, you should concentrate on event management. Associate with credible event organizers to execute the occasion flawlessly. Choosing the right platform should depend on the event’s goals, its KPIs, preferences of the audience, and of course, the budget.

Planning for a hybrid event in 2022?- useful checklist for your event:

According to research by LinkedIn, about 85% of the marketers have hosted a virtual or hybrid event in the year 2021. This percentage will surely go up in 2022 as they know the benefit of hybrid events. 75% of the event managers hope to host virtual events in 2022. If you are planning for a hybrid event in 2022, here are the things to focus on.

  1. Choose the best hybrid event hosting platform:

If the first button in the shirt is crooked, the rest of them definitely are. Choosing a suitable platform rich in features is the first step in hosting a successful hybrid event. Identify a platform with stable technology and prospective tools such as live streaming, virtual booths, multiple breakout rooms, etc. Ask for a demo before choosing the best hybrid event platform in India.  Ithelps to witness the platform in action before going live. All these features are mandatory for an impactful event that drives ROI.

  • Plan for virtual booths along with physical booths:

When you plan for a hybrid event, ensure that you have both a physical and a virtual booth for your audience. The virtual booth is a prominent space in a hybrid event that mediates useful interaction with the participants. It holds several audience engagement tools such as banners, chatbots, and videos under its scope. It is the space where actual business happens. According to a study, 30 to 40% of the leads are generated through virtual booths. In the virtual booth, you would be able to upload product pictures and videos, use the brand logos and give away marketing materials to the attendees. Ensure that the booths are open for customization to conduct events and to give away vouchers and discounts to the participants.

  • Create room for ample networking in the event:

Most attendees of hybrid events intend to create meaningful connections with their fellow attendees. There is tremendous scope for networking in a hybrid event. Choose a hybrid event platform like Virtex, that enables the attendees to connect with virtual and in-person attendees. The platform creates avenues for people to interact and also keeps them engaged. Itcreates the space for transparent communication between its attendees and supports virtual business cards. It also has integrated audio and video chat features to help attendees connect with each other and with the panelist. The platform ensures that the attendees come back for future events hosted by the brand. 

  • Track event insights through appropriate metrics

The success of a hybrid event is in its metrics, and tracking them projects the success rate of the event. It also helps in measuring its ROI. Choose an appropriate platform with a live dashboard to offer real-time audience engagement numbers, robust data insights, and post-event analytics. This also helps ascertain overall event performance and the level of engagement among the audience.

  • Look for prospective sponsors for your event:

Sponsorships and collaborations with prospective sponsors benefit the hybrid event in many ways. By collaborating with large brands, the event will reach a large audience and elaborate its virtual reach. Also, the sponsors can help with gifts and prizes for the attendees. Choose an event platform that offers good visibility for the sponsors throughout the event. This will delight the sponsors and enhance the association in future events.

  • Build your event management team:

Hybrid events are not devoid of pitfalls so create a team to manage the event in and out. Hybrid events are complex and are a coordinated effort of many teams. Appoint an event manager and get a marketing coordinator on board. Have separate personnel for event registration and to seek sponsorships. Choose a talented speaker to lead the show. Have coordinators to help both the in-person and offline attendees to have great experiences. Get a social media moderator on board to help with efficient networking during and post-event. 

Bottom Line: 

Choosing a credible event managing platform will ensure everything happens great on D-Day. The best hybrid event platform in India, Virtex, will offer all the technical tools to manage things before, during, and after the event. They help streamline the event management process and deal with event live streaming and audience engagement in the show. It is also an affordable platform with all the must-have features for your event’s success. 

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